vendredi 14 mars 2014

How to forge a Digital Strategy

Many companies develop digital initiatives to meet immediate needs and to reduce commercial pressures notwithstanding global activities and corporate objectives. In doing so, they compromise their growth and intrinsic value. Integrating a comprehensive digital strategy to the traditional business model is a must for continuing success.

In a nutshell, first you need to understand and assess the actual customer-experience offering your visitors and buyers are facing. The second step, is to measure your company's digital offering against its direct competitors, its industry and the best practices. Only then you can start drafting your Digital Strategy. Thereafter, you need to analyse the impact and risks on your company with different scenarios. Once you are satisfied with the final draft, you need to add measurement indicators to ensure its implementation and success.      

BeDigital Digital Framework can help you understand the value of integrating a genuine digital strategy as part of your business digital transformation. If you want to chat about some aspects of the Framework do not hesitate to contact me.

On that note, I wish you good continuity in business!

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